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Winter 2014

In our fifth edition of the BlackBird Automotive Journal, we reminisce about a chance audience with the most precious “steel icons” in Mercedes’ collection. Among them was famed Mercedes engineer Rudy Uhlenhaudt’s priceless “Hotheels Coupe” the original 300 SLR Coupe; an incredible road car prototype converted directly from their 1955 Formula 1 racer. We stay on track with the competition theme, investigating the deep secrets of Formula 1 aerodynamics with a Hong Kong domiciled Ferrari F2008 and recalling the brief life of the “the acrobat”, Gilles Villeneuve. Taking a completely original look at extreme hobbies, we visit young design engineer Paul Bischof, whose love of creating incredibly intricate Formula 1 models from cardboard led him to employment with a leading Formula 1 team.Staying on the creativity track, we learn how rising photographic star Amy Shore captures sheet metal, carbon fibre and aficionado passion by way of her compelling vision. Joining her will be Jamey Price, who returns from the modern Formula 1 wars with his season-ending photographic reportage. We again mix petrol and electricity with the our impressions of two modern symbols of graceful speed and technical tour-de-force, wrapped in breathtaking form: the Lamborghini Huracan and the BMW i8.

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